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As a truck dealer, you know how important buyer financing is to your business. It’s often the difference between closing a sale and losing a customer.

Genesis Capital Finance works with dealers throughout the contiguous United States, who value a lender willing to go to great lengths to close every deal. You’ll find we’re straightforward and transparent in our approach. We’ll treat your customers with respect, giving them the best possible loan terms. We pride ourselves on being a hassle-free lender.

You can send us every type of customer regardless of credit score. We’re more flexible than traditional banks and can work with people whose credit record includes a bankruptcy, tax lien or slow pay.

We even make loans to first-time buyers, as long as they have previous experience in the trucking industry.

We almost never say “no.” Instead we find a creative way to structure the deal and make the transaction work for everyone’s benefit.

Pre-approvals take place within a few hours. All we need is a driver’s license, credit application, bill of sale/invoice and the specifications of the truck. Loans are funded by next business day or sooner if all necessary documents have been provided. Our fast turnarounds and flexible terms will help you turn over your inventory more quickly.

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