What types of loans does Genesis Capital Finance provide?

We specialize in making loans on trucks. We offer commercial loans to owner/operators who need financing to purchase a truck.

What geographic area do you service?

We’re based in Miami, but work with customers and dealers throughout the contiguous United States. Please contact us at info@genesiscapitalfinance.com for a list of approved dealers in your area.

What types of trucks will you finance?

We finance all types of new and used trucks, although we do have some restrictions.

Is there an age limit on used trucks that you’ll finance?

It depends on the truck, however, we are less likely to finance a vehicle that is more than 8 years old.

Do I need to have a certain FICO score or good credit history to get financing?

No. We help people who have been declined by banks and financing companies. Unlike other lenders, we don’t require perfect credit. And we don’t let past issues like bankruptcies and tax liens get in the way of your future.

We can get around almost any credit situation and find creative ways to get you the truck loan you need.

Will you make loans to owner/operators who are just starting their business?
Yes, if they have previous experience in the trucking industry.
What is your interest rate?

Interest rates fluctuate daily and are also influenced by your individual situation, so we cannot provide a rate here. However, our rates are always competitive and we’re known for coming up with flexible solutions.

What do you require for collateral?

In most cases the key to getting around a poor credit history is using additional collateral. We use free and clear title on trucks including the truck you are buying or trucks and trailers you already own, as long as you have free and clear titles. We can even use additional collateral owned by a cosigner.

How long does it take to get approved for a truck loan?

We can get you pre-approval in several hours. All we need is a driver’s license, a complete credit application, the bill of sale/invoice and the specifications of the truck.

Once I’ve been pre-approved, how long does it take for the loan to be funded?

Loans are usually funded the next business day or even sooner if all the necessary documents have been provided and are in order.

Do you guarantee financing?

While there’s no guarantee, our finance specialists will work hard to get you the loan you need. In many cases, the process is easy, and we can come up with creative solutions to handle specific challenges.

Do you charge any fees for arranging my loan?

Yes, we charge a fee based on the finance amount. At pre-approval all fees will be clearly stated in writing. You’ll be able to see the amounts and what they are for. We believe in complete transparency, so you won’t get hit with hidden fees or last-minute charges.

Who handles titling my equipment?

The truck dealer (seller) will take care of filing the title with the state.

In whose name will the truck be registered?

You will be listed as the registered owner. Genesis Capital Finance will be listed as the lien holder.

Can I pay off the loan early?

Yes, you can pay the entire balance without a penalty. Or you can contribute extra funds each month and pay it off early that way.

How can I apply for a loan?

Contact your dealer for an application or download one here. If your dealer is not an approved dealer, the dealer’s representative may contact us to find out how to become one of our authorized dealers. You may also click here to obtain a list of authorized dealers in your area. Once you fill out the application the dealer will explain the process and will provide all the appropriate forms and documentation requirements.

What documents do you require to fund a loan?

The dealer will provide all the appropriate forms and documentation requirements.

How can I begin the application process?

We start with pre-qualification for the loan. Your dealer will request a copy of your driver’s license, the specifications of the truck you want to buy, and a completed credit application.

Do you have further questions?

Contact Genesis Capital Finance at info@genesiscapitalfinance.com

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