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Get More Customers into Your Truck Repair Shop

As the owner of a repair shop that works on trucks, you know how important customer financing is to your business. Those engine repairs and transmission replacements don’t come cheap and often the truck’s owner-operator doesn’t have the necessary cash to pay for the work.

The next step is for us to meet with you and certify your repair shop. Contact us today to discuss partnering with Genesis Capital Finance!

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Genesis Capital Finance provides quick and easy funding for those costly repairs, regardless of your customer’s credit score or credit history. We can do high-risk deals including those with start-ups or individuals who have had a bankruptcy or lien in their past.

We even make loans to people who’ve recently moved to the U.S. and have no Social Security number or credit history, as long as they have previous experience in the trucking industry. We almost never say “no.” Instead we find a creative way to make the transaction work for everyone’s benefit.

Our approach is straightforward and transparent. We are a hassle-free lender and will treat your customers with respect.

Pre-approvals can be done within a few hours. All we need is a driver’s license, credit application and the specs of the truck. Loans are funded by next day or sooner if all necessary documents have been provided, so you can get started quickly on those repairs. Our fast turnarounds and flexible terms will help you acquire more customers.